About Us

Engraving and Awards

 Welcome to Sedona Engraving, Awards and Copy Services located in the beautiful red rock  country of Sedona, Arizona.  We provide a wide range of engraving  products including trophies, plaques, awards, picture frames, name  badges, signage, artist plates, and many more items.  If your business  or sporting team wants to recognize someone with an award or trophy,  please give us a call as we have thousands of options. Sedona Engraving  and Awards specializes in custom gifts. We can customize what you can  imagine and have clients all over the country. Sedona Engraving and  Awards will ship our custom gifts, awards, name badges, and trophies  anywhere!  

Copy and Design

We offer full service copy, print and design services all at competitive prices.  If you need something as simple as a copy of your driver's license or as complicated as a multi-page bound booklet we can help. Many of our customers are architects, builders and contractors as we provide large format scans and copies of architectural drawings stapled and bound ready for the permit process.  We print food and drink menus, rack cards, comment cards, and carbonless invoices.  If you have a printing need give us a call.  I'm confident we can help with your project.

Stop and Visit

Since 1988 Sedona Engraving & Awards has been serving the Sedona community. Adopting the slogan of "Customers are our business" we strive to provide quality service at a reasonable price.  We are family and Veteran owned with deep roots in the community.  Visit our shop and enjoy a complimentary piece of Double Bubble gum. You will be greeted by Joe and Bella.  They don't care if you buy anything as long as you bring a treat.